torsdag, januari 31, 2019

The Erlang Rationale

It's been a very long time since the last post.

So there have come up questions about the Erlang Rationale. I wrote this over 10 years ago and while it has come up in some presentations it has never been published in any way. Until now that is.

It is an attempt to explain why things look like they do in Erlang and our thinking behind many of the properties and features of the language. There is also some descriptions of part of the system which today seem to lack description, for example the i/o system and groups. The Rationale mainly deals with the core parts of the language and the older parts of the libraries and not OTP.

It can be found here The Erlang Rationale

The rationale is not finished and I am adding to it and expanding/improving what is already there. When there has been a significant enough change I will release a new version. However, someone suggested I could release new bits as they come and get comments and suggestions. This seems like a good idea and I will try it.

EDIT: I saw there was an old blog post as well. I have updated the link in it so it works.